Gambling poker explains poker as a game of chance. Poker Betting is generally started after 2 cards are dealt face down to each player. The next 3 cards are then dealt. A round of bets. The 4th board card is dealt and another round of betting ensues. The 5th and final card, the river card, is dealt, after which the betting resumes. Before playing a hand, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable with the stakes. The stakes are simply the betting increment levels. For example, a $5/10 table has minimum betting increments of $5 and $10. Each time you bet, you’re laying down either $5 or $10. Poker betting happens in turn i.e. in a clockwise direction. If you are neither of the blinds, when it is your turn to act you will have the option to fold, check or rise. If you are not “opening the pot” then you have the option to call as well.

Poker Betting Limits

No Limit
No limit means exactly that, on their turn a player may bet all the chips they have in front them putting themselves "all-in".

Cap Game
A cap game is played like a ‘no limit’ except with a maximum amount a player can wager on a hand. Once this amount is reached, play is treated as though they were all-in. A player may bet up to the cap limit at any point.

Pot Limit
On their turn, a player may make a bet up to the amount currently in the pot, or any amount less, provided it is larger then the big blind.