Poker Tips

Be a better player than others. This is a game and the who is very active is the best situation holder. Become a better player with the best poker tips provided by the best online site for poker tips. Follow these Top 5 Poker Tips from Gambling Poker to boost your poker performance & profits. While geared to address beginner level players, there is poker tips that even seasoned pros should remind themselves of once in a while. So stay tuned for more Poker Tips...

Poker Tip #1
Maximize your winnings and minimize your losses. Simply put, bet on the hands that you have a good chance of winning and fold the bad hands. In Limit play you must play solid hands. If you are being dealt bad hands throw them away. Limit Hold em is primarily a showdown game and very rarely can you bluff anyone out of a pot.

Poker Tip #2
Patience and self discipline are two of the most important qualities a player must have in a limit hold em game. Being patient and waiting for playable hands, especially when you are a beginner is very difficult. It can be boring sitting on the sidelines watching others play out their hands.

Poker Tip #3
Money Management and the self discipline from which it comes are almost the most important factors in Limit, second only to learning how to become a good player. If you cannot manage your money, you will not have any thing.

Poker Tip #4
If you throw away the bad hands, you will have the opportunity to observe the other players. This is what you should be doing when you throw away your hands.

Poker Tip #5
Knowing when to play and when to quit is an important consideration for a poker player. Play as long as the game is good and you feel good. If you are winning and the players you are playing with are inferior and have plenty of chips to give, as long as you feel good, keep playing.

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